Christmas in the Desert

Plan Your Christmas Weekend In The Mystic Lands Of Morocco

After working hard for the entire year, it is the Christmas celebrations you yearn and wait for. And within no time, the New Year’s Eve follows suit. Therefore, the arrival of Christmas sets the tone for your New Year celebratory plans. During this time, you let your hair down, have fun and enjoy yourself to the utmost. And what better than a tour to Morocco can help you do that in an exceptional manner. Wait no longer and plan your Christmas amidst the surreal dunes and the Arabesque architectures of this mysterious land. And once you do so, we will be there beside you to provide all the necessary assistance. Christmas in the desert Marrakech on 26th December Our amazing Christmas tour package commences from Marrakech on the 26th of December. We will send our trustworthy tour representatives to pick you up from the airport to reach you to the hotel. The next day will begin with high energy as you will get to visit one of the most popular attractions of the country. Yes, the name is Jamaa el Fna Square, which is a frenzied destination for all tourists. Christmas in the desert

Great tour plans for 28th December

On 28th December, you will pay visits to the Aït Ben Haddou, Dades valley, and Zagora. As one of the most popular tour operators of the country, we strive hard towards customer satisfaction. Therefore, we will offer 4*4 vehicles for our esteemed clients, thus maximizing their convenience. Christmas in the desert Two days for picturesque oases Mark 29th December on your personal calendar, as you will achieve an unforgettable experience on that day. We will take you to the picturesque oasis of Ouzina, Ramlia, and Jdayd. On the way, you will pass through the beautiful roads of Rally Dakar. While you return to the hotel with the special memories of the day, we will plan for 30th December. Well, on this particular day you will be on a memorable date with Nature. Satisfy and enrich your senses as you contemplate an ethereal sunset in the desert.

Savoring Moroccan culinary specialties

Spend an entire day in the heart of classic Moroccan culture. From the Berber cultural heritage, behavioral practices to its mouth-watering delicacies, there is nothing you won’t get with us. Your New Year’s Eve could not have been more special than this.

Celebrate New Year in style

Begin the New Year with a happy and content heart. Catch glimpses of the magnanimous mountains surrounding the adjacent villages. A wall of 300 kilometers will completely enthrall you. After enjoying an exciting 1st January, you will get to visit the Dades Gorge on the 2nd of January. And finally, your return on 3rd January will mark the end of the tour of Christmas in the desert.

A tour Christmas in the desert for all

With an extent of 9 days and 8 nights, this particular tour is specially designed for you and your family or friends. Therefore, a group of four will be perfect. Grab the opportunity as fast as you can, as the entire cost of the tour of Christmas in the desert is just around 600€. Enjoy the Christmas in the desert